Some Random Thoughts About The Human Mind

Occasionally you’ve a brand new believed, an idea, or eureka time, but it’s perhaps not gutsy enough to develop right into a reasonable size article or essay. So, here’s a potpourri of ideas on all types of features dealing with all that stuff that’s between your ears that is also great never to history, but with not enough beef available to tissue out.
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* You Then; You Now: That you that endured ten years before reveal nothing of the simple contaminants, atoms, molecules, etc.that produces up that you that actually does exist correct now. However you in the here and today may join with that you that endured 10 years ago. You understand that you fell off your bicycle, and you may still have a scar of two apparent from that former era and accident. Just what exactly links the distance and attaches you today with you recently or that you ten years ago?

* Brain: As it pertains to the individual mind, I like the statement that we spend a lifetime seeking to create a tag on the entire world when actually it’s the entire world creating its level on us.

* Brain: Your head is not just a synonym for’the soul ‘. Your head is really a issue because it requires energy to power it. Your brain has reality, even if it’s merely a unclear area of the mind (i.e. – your head is not just a split structure or organ within the brain). If I ruin your brain, I destroy your mind. The mind could be the repository of all those non-autonomous controls you’ve around your system; those voluntary operates (like performing your research even although you do not feel just like it) or quasi-voluntary operates like holding your air, making your self to remain alert or put off planning to the bathroom. It’s wherever your memories are; where you believe (processing data presently in storage or freshly received); wherever you make decisions. The mind is usually divided in to the subconscious brain and the aware (self-awareness section of the) mind

* Brain: The mind contains all that produces you, you. It is the quality of you. It has and regulates your perceptions, information, memories, imagination, emotions, your considering, your knowledge or knowledge or power to find points out, your character, and it properties your dreams and daydreams. A regular subject for debate in philosophical circles is if your brain, specifically your brain, may be the be-all-and-end-all of cosmic reality. The solution IMHO is really a booming “no” because your brain can not be a perpetual motion’machine ‘. Quite simply, the mind is like all things (assuming other things), anything at the mercy of damage as time passes or at the mercy of entropy. All things move downhill – dust accumulates, tables get messy, stars run out of energy, vehicles dysfunction and persons grow old. It will take a consistent way to obtain outside fact energy and subject (same difference) to keep entropy at bay. That renewal of source may get the challenges, but entropy ultimately wins the war.

* Consciousness: Every residing thing from humble microbes to flowers, jellyfish to frogs, birds to cats to primates have consciousness since all answer external stimuli in manners which are not estimated by traditional science (unlike a rock growing and acquiring since the temperature rises and falls). From conception to brain demise you are feeling and answer stimuli 60/60/24/7/52, like seriousness and temperature, etc. If you answer, in un-rock like methods, you have consciousness.

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